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Every piece of writing has an audience and a purpose.

All Star Essays will help you craft a personal statement that connects with your audience and moves you toward your admissions goal.

As a dental school applicant, you may face a double writing task. If you are applying to dental schools through the AADSAS, you will have to write a personal statement as part of that process. You may also have to write additional essays as part of your secondary applications to your targeted dental schools.

The audience for your personal statement and essays is the admissions committee of each dental school you are applying to.

Your purpose in writing your AADSAS personal statement is to give committee members an idea of who you are as a person and to persuade them of your genuine interest in and commitment to the dental profession.

Your purpose in writing your secondary essays varies by school. Some applications will ask for more information about your background and interests; some will ask about you interest in that particular school; and some will ask you to respond to a question or comment.

Admissions committee members have a good idea from the rest of your application of whether or not you're qualified for dental school. They've seen your DAT score and GPA, and your transcripts and resume. Those numbers pretty much tell them whether you have the intellectual and academic ability to succeed in dental school.

What they don't know is whether you have the 'soft' qualities that schools look for in dentists. Are you sensitive to the emotional, social, and cultural issues you are likely to encounter as you work with patients? Are you compassionate? Can you explain a technical issue to a patient or family member as clearly as you can communicate instructions to a colleague? Are you patient? Are you resilient?

Your essays are your chance to answer those questions.

Think of your essays as a preliminary interview on paper. You want to show that you can think and communicate clearly and accurately. You want to convey something of your personality, to give your readers an idea of what you are like as a person, and why they would welcome having you as a student and future colleague. And you want to tell your readers something that will stick in their minds and help them distinguish you from the scores of other qualified applicants with DAT scores and academic records similar to your own.

It goes without saying that your personal statement and essays have to be free of grammatical errors, misspellings, and typos. Any number of people could help you with that. However, All Star Essays will go the extra step and help you ensure that your statements and essays rise to the standard of effective dental school essays.

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